26. The Stillborn Primordial

8/9/12: The final session. I had been running encounters at the den for a long time and was ready to hand over the reigns…

Goose Bree freed all of the githzerai! As swiftly as possible, a teleport circle was used to send the githzerai to safety elsewhere in the Elemental Chaos. The heroes decided to take their ships and leave for now, to heal and re-group.

Once healed, they decided to check out the massive stone that slaads were drawn to. After much exploration, they discovered an entrance to the inside! Only slaads could open it… so Kruyn and Blitzkrieg entered their forms and did so.

What they ultimately learned was that the stone was a half-formed still born primordial created during the dawn war as the result of a battle between a primordial and Ygorl, the lord of slaads. This stillborn primordial had pods in it. The heroes found they could enter the pods and control the thing! It molded into a 500 foot tall stone humanoid with six arms, all fused with different elements.

he Stillborn Primordial could not remain active for long. The heroes immediately decided to return to the moteswarm. They parked their ships inside the primordial, and used the primordial’s innate ability to teleport anywhere in the elemental chaos. They appeared at the moteswarm and attacked!

Maegara, their fiery foe and the son of Zugzul, rose to 500 fight and an epic battle was had. Maegara was utterly destroyed! His followers tried to flee. His radiant archons tried to fight the primordial but were all utterly annihilated as if they were gnats.

The heroes had defeated the son of Zugzul! The primordial still had quite a bit of energy left in it before it would revert to its’ inert stone form.

No one knows what they did from there, as this was the final session of the Blackmoor campaign…



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