25. Return to The Moteswarm

7/1/12: The heroes spent two weeks in the Shrine of Holimion. They rested, and made use of the Chamber of Enlightenment. In the Chamber was “The Undying Committee”, a trio of ancient elven souls who bathed the room in positive energy. Galthasar stepped in as a human cleric, and 24 hours later emerged as a half-elf invoker converted to the worship of the Undying Council. Blitzkrieg left his Bazuuma hammer in there, and the demon lord of Vanity gained self-esteem and revoked her evil ways. Kruyn was able to transform into his slaad form and stepped inside. His slaad form had been tainted with evil, but the undying committee removed that taint.

They decided to give their pet fire drake to Farin. The drake was pregnant, and the spawn could grow to be mounts for Farin’s Cairdal Blades.

Then, Holimion cast Planar Portal, sending the heroes on their new airship into The Elemental Chaos. The ship was called The Black Dutchman’s Revenge. Titan Foecrusher was the captain. The crew of skeleton elves became made of steel thanks to Merith’s mastery of mutability.

The Moteswarm was 6 miles away. They began heading toward it. Kruyn and Blitzkrieg spotted a weird rift nearby, and checked it out. In it they saw alternate universe versions of themselves. Then it faded. They felt a floating stone from far off calling to them. They resolved to go check that out one day soon…

They returned to the ship and resumed the trip to The Moteswarm. Merith used a sending ritual to contact Goose Bree. Goose explained the folowing:

- Maegara had come to Zerthadlun and killed all of the githzerai there
- Maegara used Zerthadlun’s mote as a vessel, gathered the zugzul cultists who had come through the portal from Koorzun Hall with him, and flew the mote to The MoteSwarm.
- Maegara told the giants of The Moteswarm to leave him be.
- Maegara attacked the githzerai at the monastery and at the archon forge. He took them all prisoner… except goose bree, who escaped.
- Maegara sent his cultists to his home in the bloodpyre fields, where they saw that the heroes had looted it. They took the radiant fire furnace and the heroes’ ship (“The Son of the Moon”) which the heroes left there while journeying to the City of Brass.
- The cultists flew The Son of The Moon back to The Moteswarm.
- Maegara fused the archon forge with the power of radiant fire and began making radiant fire archons.
- The cultists began using mutability to create an elaborate altar with which to sacrifice the githzerai to Maegara, thus giving Maegara more and more power.
- Goose Bree continually made stealth attacks, hindering their progress, and freeing his people one by one.

The heroes met with Goose and his rebels on a mote of oozy thunder. They devised a plan. The cultists patrolled the Moteswarm once every 24 hours. The heroes would attack the ship, while Goose used some linked portal rituals to teleport to the archon forge to rescue as many of his people as possible, and then teleport to the ruins of the githzerai monastery on the mote next to the archon forge.

The Son of the Moon approached. The heroes took their ship up to meet it. The ships connected, and the heroes waded on board. The cultists had enchanted their brands with the cabinet of wonders, so that their brands created wild surges. One cultist actually turned into a green slaad!

The heroes made quick work of the cultists. Galthasar used a spell to send the slaad over the side of the ship. The slaad plummeted through the elemental chaos, perhaps never to be seen again.

Ashar used another spell and sent two more cultists over the side. The heroes swarmed the rest and made quick work of them.

Now they needed to find out how Goose Bree’s part of the plan had fared….



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