24. The Shrine of Holimion

The adventurers wandered through the first layer of hell, and came upon the smoking ruins of a city. Dead demons were everywhere. The heroes spotted and interrogated a devil who was robbing the corpses. He had a damned soul with him. The rubbery-skinned fellow begged the heroes to set him free, but they left him to his fate and let the devil go.

They found a ritual circle in the ruins and responded to the Ascendant Councilor’s planar sending. The councilor cast a Planar Portal ritual and brought the heroes back to Shae Mordai on the world of Eberron.

The heroes rested for a day. They were informed that the devil who had sent them to hell had vanished, and was likely lurking in the jungle.

Farin was now in charge of the Cairdal Blades. The elf was already recruiting new elite soldiers to fill the ranks of the Blades. He asked the heroes to teach the Blades some techniques…

Titan taught them Takedown Strike
Kruyn taught them Spinning Blade Leap
Krinkl taught them Stoneroot Rage
Maverick taught them Shadow Step

(Pete and Rebecca were late, so their character were still recovering at this point.)

The Ascendant Councilor told the heroes of a shrine in the jungle overseen by an Ascendant Elf called Holimion. The Councilor felt that Holimion could help them get a new airship…

The heroes headed into the jungle and found the shrine in just a few hours. To their dismay, they saw that the devil Vaurod was there trying to get in to the shrine. He was accompanied by four 10 foot tall devils. Vaurod was angry, as he couldn’t get through the magic defenses of the shrine’s door. The heroes had been given the “key” to the door – an elven poem.

The adventurers crept forward onto the ziggurat-like shrine, and ambushed the devils. Kruyn charged a devil and turned into a blue slaad. He knocked the devil to the ground and then killed it by teleporting above it and landing on it. A wild surge went off. Kruyn would talk in a squeaky voice for days to come.

Vaurod teleported onto the very top of the ziggurat and fired off spells at the heroes. Titan slung a shield at him, and the heroes closed in.

Slaad-Kruyn let off another wild surge. A pit opened up beneath his feet. He and a devil fell into the ziggurat! Inside was a high chamber holding a hovering airship. Holimion, the bluish-skinned Ascendant, watched as the devil fell onto the deck of the ship. Slaad-Kruyn fell right after him, landing on the devil and killing it.

When the devils were slain, they became puddles of foamy, stinking ooze which dissipated completely in about 5 minutes.

With the battle down, the heroes climbed through the hole that Kruyn had made and descended carefully. Holimion would explain that he’d been waiting for them for 2,000 years. He said the journey that they’d taken Farin on would influence him greatly, and one day he’d be the wisest of all the Undying Court.

Holimion gave the heroes magic items, and the airship, which was propelled in part by a massive ring of fire that encircled the ship. The ship was made of soarwood and all but the deck was covered in the engraved names of elven dead. Those who died on the deck would have their names magically appear on it.

The heroes could also utter the elven poem to animate a pile of bones on the ship into a crew of skeletons. The skeletons were elves who didn’t quite have what it took to make the transition to Undying.

In the shrine was the Chamber of Enlightenment. Should you enter it, you would be bathed in positive energy and you could communicate with 20,000 year old elven spirits. The experience could change you in many ways (change alignment to a good type, change race or class, that kind of thing).

There was a ritual circle in the shrine. They could return to it to rest any time. The airship also had a circle on it.

Holimion offered to cast planar portal to send the heroes on their way. They decided that it was time to go get their other ship back from the clutches of the worshipers of Zugzul and Zugzul’s son, Maegara. From what they understood, Maegara and the Zugzul followers had gone to The Moteswarm to use the Archon Furnace….



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