23. Avernus

Our heroes fell into hell and were able to angle themselves so that they landed safely in a vast lake of liquid metal. One by one they swam out. Merith, Yasha the Presentable and Arabanti of the Many Spices had been knocked unconscious from the fall (Dennis will miss the next two sessions, so Merith will be unconscious until he returns).

The adventurers rested and looked around. The sky was full of roiling clouds of red and black. Once every minute, fireballs rocketed from them, and plummeted to the ground. The ashy ground as littered with iron and weeds that looked like barbed chains.

Galthasar used a hand of fate ritual and asked the hand where the best way to get out of hell would be. The hand pointed toward some mountains in the distance. Titan scooped up the three unconscious people. The heroes headed toward the mountains.

After a half an hour, they were attacked by a levaloch, a fifteen foot tall devil whose task as to scour Avernus for damned souls. He was to capture them, and take them to a place called The Maggot pit for torture and eventual transformation into lemures, the lowest form of devil.

It tossed a barbed net on the heroes. The heroes fought back. During the struggle, Titan tore open it’s armored hide with his hammer. The levaloch summoned ten lemures to join the fight. A fireball rocketed down from the sky right at Kruyn. Ashar used a jump spell to help Kruyn avoid being at the center of the explosion.

Ashar finished off the lemure with a pair of magic missiles. She absorbed its’ soul into her helm of seven deaths.

The adventurers were exhausted and hurt. They thought of resting, but realised that there were devils scouring Avernu constantly in search of damned souls. This was not a safe place for a rest.

They received a planar sending from an Ascendant Councilor of Shae Mordai. He said that if the heroes could find a teleport circle, he could help them get home….



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