Adventures in Blackmoor

1. Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

11/21/11: The campaign began with the DM Reward 4e version of the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. I bumped it down to 1st level.

Frecky – A Burruby Character
Kruyn the Rogue
Jerry – Halfling Thief
Tari – Pixie Paladin
Krinkl – Pixie Barbarian

The adventurers were in a jungle being chased by tribesmen (the Peshwa clan) and the ground beneath them gave way. They fell into an ancient dungeon. The lowest level was full of poison gas that was slowly killing them.

The heroes explored a bunch of trapped dioramas, battled a crayfish and Kalka-Kylla, a giant crustacean. They also did battle with a giant talking snail named Tecuziztecatl, Lord of Snails. He told them he was the “Son of da moon!”. They pummeled him, but kept him alive. They considered keeping him as a mount, but instead moved on…

2. Child of Zotzilaha

11/28/11: They continued to try to escape. They ran into a nereid, who kissed blitzkrieg which nearly drowned him (he didn’t seem to mind). There was a room with sleeping monks and a potion. Blitzkrieg wanted to drink it but didn’t. Later on, the heroes had to retreat here. Blitzkrieg couldn’t resist. He drank the potion, which put him into a coma (eventually cured with a ritual) and woke the monks!

They found stairs to the next level, one without poison. They battled a beholder!

3. Guardian Beast

12/7/11: They battled a werejaguar, who is depicted in the module as having six nipples. Once it had been killed, Blitzkrieg skinned it and made a shirt out of its’ hide. He put potions of healing under the nipples, so you’d have to suck on a nipple to get healing…

(6/27/12: Burruby reminded me tonight that the top four nipples had liquor in them, only the bottom two had potions of healing in them… so there you go)

They battled a vampire in a huge room that was a diorama of an ancient city, and fought a weird old living tree.

4. Escape from the ruins

12/14/11: The adventurers climbed up through a hole/tunnel in a trapped room with a gibbering mouther in it to get to an upper level. They fought a mummy and some air elementals. Then, they emerged out in the jungle! Near them was a sacred altar to a bat god. And also approaching were the Peshwa tribesman!

An epic battle was waged! The outcome was in doubt. The altar had a scythe trap built into it that cut down a hero on its’ own. The heroes were victorious. They returned to their home town of Dragonia, and made sure not to mention to their ruler (a man raised by the Peshwa tribe) certain details…

5. The Koorzun Hall Gambit

12/21/11: (This began my use of the Gauntlgrym Gambit adventure from Dungeon Magazine, which spawned the whole Koorzun Hall storyline) The heroes rested in Dragonia, which was a town plagued by dragon attacks. Spikes were built on the roofs so that the dragons could not land there. A few new adventurers joined the group:

Galthasar, a cleric of Insellageth the Great Dragon
Quellena – Dryad Witch
Blitzkrieg – Elf Battlemind (Burruby retired Frecky)

The heroes heard some rumors of an entrance to the legendary Koorzun Hall had been found. Koorzun Hall was a home to dwarves who worshiped Koorzun, dwarven god of magic. They’d all died somehow, and their treasures were sealed away with them.

Agents of the evil fire giant god Zugzul were apparently very interested in the treasures as well – Legend had it that Zugzul’s son, Maegara, was trapped in a magic anvil there.

The heroes heard the rumor from a filthy, drunken dwarf from The Black Hills. They followed his directions, and found a horde of Zugzul worshipers camped around the entrance – a hole in the ground. The adventurers charged the camp, slaughtered the cultist, and took the an-made lift down the hole…

As they descended, enemies ascended on a second lift! Krinkl cut the chains of their lift, sending the cultists to fall to their doom.

At the bottom was a cavern, home to more cultists! The heroes killed them, but many were struck and branded by them.

6. Grasping Goo

1/4/12: The heroes explored the weird tunnels, and the relics of the ancient dwarven city. They came upon a room ful of cubes and oozes, and had a very difficult battle. A further room had more slimes.

7. The Sea of Slime

1/11/12: Our heroes found themselves in a cave with a river of slime running down below. A fallen statue of Koorzun acted as a bridge across the expanse. As they crossed, a black pudding oozed out from cracks in the statue. The heroes killed it.

Then they came upon a band of duergar – evil dark dwarves. They were collapsing the connecting tunnel to Koorzun Hall! The heroes slew the duergar, but were dismayed. There was no way to get to Koorzun Hall from here.

8. Leader of the Pack

1/18/12: The adventurers returned to Dragonia. The Baron called upon them and put them to work. As winter fell, our heroes shored up the town’s defenses, anticipating dragon attacks. Many more spikes were added to the roofs.

A cleric in town named Zelgar Lightborn had a problem. His brother, Ulmar, had become a werewolf with a pack of werewolves under him. Ulmar wanted his brother to join him. Zelgar wanted no part of it.

Ulmar sent his wolves into Dragonia to abduct Zelgar… but our heroes were there to protect him! They battled in the street and on the spiky rooftops. The werewolves were no match for the heroes. Blitzkrieg desperately wanted to become a werewolf, and clamped a dying werewolf’s jaws on him in the hopes he’d contract lycanthropy.

He did.

During the battle, Quellena befriended some of the dire wolf mounts of the enemy by throwing food their way. Krinkl, the pixie, was able to talk to them. their names were DimTooth (who was a little slow) and Ladyfur (a female, the object of many wolves’ affections).

9. Crossroads of Terror

1/25/12: Our heroes went with Zelgar to track down Ulmar and either cure the werewolf, or kill him. They walked through the snowy lands, and came to a small farm at a crossroads. The family there was hiding from werewolves. The heroes killed the werewolves, and befriended their dire wolf mounts. These wolves did not like DimTooth at all.

They continued on, and came to a larger farmhouse. The family had been captured or killed. A boy had survived and hid in a tree. The heroes waded in and killed the werewolves in an expansive, long battle on both floors of the house.

10. Wolves at the Door

2/1/12: Ulmar returned to the farmhouse with his werewolves. Another epic battle was waged. The heroes won. Ulmar was evil through and through.

There was debate as what to do with evil Ulmar. Titan raised his hammer. Tari flew in the way of the blow, and died (Dennis wanted to make a new character).

The heroes killed him. They intended to bring the boy back to Dragonia’s orphanage.

On the way back, they heard sounds of battle. A monk was fighting a thoul (a troll-like creature). The monk thoroughly trashed the thoul. The heroes greeted him. e was The Flying Monk, a great hero of Blackmoor. He lived in an abbey nearby. He said he was searching the forest for his god, Pacuun, who sometimes walked the lands of Blackmoor. The Monk and the heroes got along quite well. He bid them farewell.

After a bit more travel, the heroes came upon a zugzul interrogator questioning some captured, filthy dwarves of The Black Hills. He wanted to know what they knew of how to find a way in to Koorzun Hall.

The heroes burst in, and killed the interrogator and his little fire pixies. The interrogator, Vorschlag Flame, claimed that he had a twin brother who would avenge his death.

11. Return to Dragonia

2/8/12: The adventurers returned to Dragonia. They decided that they wanted to find a way in to Koorzun Hall. They headed the library.

There, to their dismay, was an “undercover” cultist of Zugzul already doing research. A battle broke out. The cultist had his fire pixies set fire to all the books. Our heroes put out the fires and killed the cultist. They’d developed a special hatred for Zugzul’s minions.

From the books, they learned that there was a tall magic stone in the woods nearby. If a mithril hammer of Koorzun was touched to it, it would create a portal to Koorzun Hall..! The hammer was kept in a shrine devoted to the god of protection – Yoosef.

The heroes went to the shrine, and saw a horde of Zugzul cultists already there, camped…

12. The Mithril Hammer

4/4/12: The heroes negotiated with the clerics of Yoosef. One of the clerics had been bit by a werewolf, and used a special herb to keep himself sane. Blitzkrieg bought some from him.

The heroes convinced the clerics to give them the hammer, and to go on a shared expedition into Koorzun Hall with an army of clerics of Yoosef!

The cultists of Zugzul were enraged. Our heroes battled and killed them all.

For a month, clerics of Yoosef from Newgate, Boggy Bottom, The Wizard’s Watch and even the City of Blackmoor itself made the trip to Dragonia to be part of the expedition.

13. The Hall of Wonders


Titan FoeCrusher

The heroes and 150 clerics of Yoosef made their way through the woods to the standing stone. To their dismay, they saw that a clan of Thouls lived by the stone and were in awe of it. The adventurers raced forth to kill them! As the battle raged, Titan Foecrusher made his way into their cave where he found a pile of treasure! He also spotted their lone female, a portly beast lounging on a pile of pillows.

She fearfully offered herself to him…. he killed her.

The heroes touched the mithril hammer to the stone, and created a portal. They entered it…

They appeared in an entrance hall dominated by a statue of Koorzun. Exploration revealed:

- The cabinet of wonders, a cabinet guarded by a lone, grey-skinned dwarf. He told them if they put a mundane item in the cabinet, it would become a magic item (they’d learn the item had random wild magic effects!). The heroes spent some time making items.

- In order to enter the actual city, they had to use a magic slot machine. Then it would let them pass through the city’s protective force field. But when they entered, the statue would shoot them with lightning and injure them greatly.

The heroes eventually passed through the field and saw at last, Koorzun Hall. It was a city built in a huge cavern. There was a bridge crossing a river of slime. There was a huge keep. And the there was a tall pillar with a swirling vortex at the top which lit the whole place. The city streets were crawling with slimes, and fungus zombies…

14. Koorzun Hall

4/18/12: The adventurers made their way through the city, sending Cruen ahead to find the safest route. One of his magic items sent off a surge of wild magic. He became invisible, and would remain so for weeks!

They explored a building with a valuable gauntlet belonging to the protective order of Koorzun Hall. Titan grabbed it, and set off a trap that collapsed the building on everyone… but him.

They also found a library, avoided a trap, and took a few handy books from the library.

They made it to the main keep, assuming that the anvil would be below. Inside was a band of fungus zombies. The heroes battled them. Cruen’s magic item set off a wild surge and turned him invisible. e remained invisible for weeks.

15. Maegara’s Prison

4/25/12: The adventurers were correct. The anvil was in the dungeons of the keep! It pulsed with evil. Pools of lava burned near it. A lone dwarf had tried to free Maegara. Doing so let out a wave of fire that had washed over the city and killed everyone. But before Maegara was completely free, the dwarf changed his mind. He called upon Koorzun for aid, and wrapped magic chains around the anvil that prevented Maegara from escaping. The dwarf died as he did this. His body remained by the anvil. Further, an incomplete ritual circle surrounded the altar, further preventing Maegara’s escape.

As the heroes approached the entrance to the dungeon, they came upon two guardians. One was a pit fiend agent of Zugzul. The other was angel agent of Koorzun. Each had an offer. The pit fiend offered to send them home with great riches. The angel angel warned them of the dangers that awaited them.

The heroes ignored the pit fiend and entered the dungeon area.

There they saw the anvil. Maegara’s voice thundered. He demanded freedom. When the heroes refused, Maegara’s fire demons rose from the lava and attacked! The battle was deadly, but our heroes prevailed.

The heroes completed the ritual circle, further sealing Maegara in.

They used the anvil to make special metal plates that could be affixed to an airship, so that it could resist fire and sail on lava and magma!

16. The Elemental Chaos

5/2/12: The adventurers ascended the pillar to investigate the swirl of weird energy that lit all of Koorzun Hall. The spirit of a dwarf guardian was there, and was angry that Titan had stolen their ceremonial gauntlet. The party fought over what to do with it. The spirit was intangible and could not hurt them.

He told the group that the dwarves of Koorzun Hall had opened the swirling portal to the elemental chaos to learn magic. This had led to the creations in the hall of wonders (the cabinet and the slot machine). The wild magic did not suit them. That led to use of the anvil, which doomed the city.

The heroes decided to go through the portal. They appeared on a floating earthmote in the elemental chaos. Hideous frog/demons called Slaad attacked! It was a chaotic battle, but the heroes were victorious.

They spotted a floating city nearby. They went to it. Blitzkrieg had discovered he could move chunks of floating rock with his mind..

17. Zerthadlun

5/9/12: Nearby was a githzerai city called Zerthadlun. The heroes went there, and befriended the githzerai.

The githzerai taught them about Mutability – the art of changing the elemental chaos with their minds. The heroes offered to help them defeat the slaad that plagued them once and for all. The slaad lurked on a nearby mote that swirled with wild magic. There was a weird device linked to Ygorl, Lord of Entropy, that spawned slaad.

The heroes went there and killed the slaad as wild magic exploded all around them. They destroyed the “slaad making device”.

As a reward, the githzerai called in some favors in the city of brass and got the heroes an airship. They even fitted the Maegara-fused metal plates to the ship!

Now that they had a ship, our heroes had a plan. They were going to go to The Abyss, find Maegara’s lair, and take all his stuff!

18. The Mote Swarm

5/16/12: The githzerai told them that there was someone who could get them to The Abyss. A githzerai named Shallenia lived in a place called The Mote Swarm. She could help them.

And so our heroes flew The Son of the Moon there. Along the way, they saw a herd of Gorgons feeding on purple grass on a floating strip of land. The heroes used MUTABILITY to turn the poop to diamond. Then, they lowered Cruen (still invisible!) among them and snatched the diamond poos!

They continued on and got to the Moteswarm – a collection of floating isles. Giants lived on some, githzerai on others. They fought for control of The Archon Forge, a device that could create archons.

They met with a great githzerai warrior named Goose Bree who took them to Shallenia, who was in the archon forge. Genasi agents of the giants had broken in and were attacking! The heroes killed the genasis and saved Shallenia.

Shallenia rewarded them. The heroes were allowed to create an archon to keep. Her name was Veil she was lazy and generous.

Shallenia further aided them, using a special ritual to send the heroes and their ship to the first layer of The Abyss – Pazunia, Land of 1,000 Portals.

18. Raazorforge

5/30/12: The heroes were in Pazunia, a realm with portals to many different Abyssal Layers. They needed a guide to find the portal to Maegara’s home, a layer known as The BloodPyre Fields.

They flew for a while and saw a town below. It was Raazorforge. The buildings were ramshackle, made mostly of deadly razorvine.

They landed in a lake of molten iron. There were shadow demons, dretches, and solamiths (my favorite 4e monster!). The town was ruled by a cambion known as The Marquis. They’d been attacked by elves from the world of Eberron, and defeated them just a few days ago.

The heroes entered a tavern, where an elf was hanging from a cage. He was to be eaten. His face was painted like a skull (they’d learn that it was actually tattooed on, and that he as from Aerenal, a place where undead were made from positive energy). The heroes decided to free him, and bought him with a soul gem from Ashar’s helm of seven deaths.

A shadow demon offered to bring them to the pit that led to the Bloodpyre fields. Instead, he led them to an ambush! He brought the heroes to a floating earthmote, home to jovocs who worshiped a would-be demon lord called Bazuuma.

The heroes made quick work of the jovocs. Bazuuma, in the form of a whirling cloud, begged the heroes to leave her be. She wanted to be a demon lord, to get revenge on the lord of Pazunia (Pazuzu) for putting a curse on her.

She agreed to tell the heroes where the pit was in exchange for letting her live.

She offered them a boon. Blitzkrieg and Galthasar accepted. Each felt her embrace – she was super-sexy, except that her face had 20 eyes. Blitzkrieg loved her. Galthasar wretched.

Blitzkrieg willingly became her thrall. She enchanted his hammer so that she could communicate with him and the heroes. Blitzkrieg’s job was to get worshipers, or to sacrifice people in her name, so that her power could grow and one day she could become a demon lord.

19. The Bloodpyre Fields

6/6/12: At the pit entrance, a horde of salamanders and brimoraks demanded a toll – one soul. Asher paid again with a soul gem from her helmet.

They flew their ship down through the pit, and appeared in a hellish volcanic realm. They found one with massive statues in front of doors. One statue was of Zugzul, the other of Shami Amourae. These were Maegara’s parents.

The heroes landed, and passed through a deadly trap thanks to their invisible allies, Cruen and Blitzkrieg (who’d also turned invisible in the battle against the jovocs). They searched the lair, and found 100 soul gems, all souls sacrificed to Maegara from Prime Material Plane cults. The souls had gone uncollected because Maegara was imprisoned in the anvil in Koorzun Hall.

As they explored, a “demon” wandered in and talked to the heroes. This was actually a hag in disguise. The hag had been stealing souls from those killed by the statues outside for a long time. She was shocked that the heroes had gotten through.

They found a laboratory where work had been done developing “radiant fire”. A small furnace and a large furnace were there. The small one was installed into Titan’s chest, so that the warforged could throw soul gems in there and gain demonic power from them.

In a library, they found notes on Maegara’s parents. Before Zugzul settled down with his current wife, he was with Shami Amourae, the then-demon lord of succubi. She gave birth to Maegara and then was overthrown by Malcanthet (the current lord of succubi). Shami Amourae was imprisoned in the Abyssal layer known as The Wells of Darkness.

The heroes entered his treasure vault, where Maegara’s lieutenant, a volcanic dragon named Isen, lived. The adventurers killed the dragon.

During the battle, the “hag” revealed herself and the heroes killed her. She had a magic heartstone, which was taken.

In the lair, they found a ritual circle that led to The City of Brass. Apparently Isen spent quite a bit of his time there… The heroes decided to check it out.

20. The City of Brass

6/20/12: The heroes appeared in Isen’s modest home. His three slaves were there, and they explained that Isen had lost his way. He had stopped trying to further Maegara’s cause, and instead spent his time gambling in The City of Brass.

The slaves asked the heroes to free them. There was a problem. A genie named Parvez the Sun Sorcerer was obsessed with one slave, named Yasha the Presentable. They said Parvez watched her with magic, no matter where she was. He wanted her to be his, as he adored her singing voice.

The adventurers decided to pay Parvez a visit. First, they went to the Hall of Allegiances and became citizens of the City of Brass. They each received a tattoo of a demon hand holding a fiery scimitar on their right temple. Then they went to Parvez’s home…

Parvez received them as honored guests. He introduced his four wives, the first of which was a fire giant. He gave them gifts (fire pollen), he fed them, and then he had his wives entertain them with a dance.

Blitzkrieg tried to sell Parvez on the idea that Bazuuma would be a better fit for him.

Parvez was insulted. The heroes had not brought gifts, they had eaten food with their left “unclean” hand, and so he demanded they entertain him before there was further discussion. He called in a bunch of his fire troll guards, and had them attack!

The adventurers beat up the guards. Parez was amused. He told the heroes to bring Bazuuma before him, and he would decide for himself if she was worthy of his attention.

Our heroes returned to Isen’s hom. They decided to use a ritual to go to the world of Eberron, so that they could return Farin, the elf they’d rescued, home…

21. Sharn, City of Towers

6/27/12: After a bit of discussion, the heroes decided to hang out in the City of Brass for a week. As new citizens, they were required to wear red robes for their first week which sort of marked them as “newbs” in town. So they hung out in Isen’s home.

During the week, both Cruen and Blitzkrieg had weird dreams about the pandemonium stone – a massive stone that hovered in the Elemental Chaos which Slaad were drawn to. When they woke up, they were visible again…

At the end of the week, they went into the market in the City of Brass to buy a ritual scroll of Planar Portal. Along the way, they encountered a wounded fire drake mount that an efreet had become annoyed with. The efreet had stabbed it with his scimitar and left it for dead. Galthasar approached it and healed it with his magic. The drake sniffed his groin and liked him. They soon learned that the drake was female and was pregnant.

They bought the scroll. Then they went home, said hi to Sizzlor, the fire giant neighbor, and used a gem to travel to Maegara’s lair.

There, they found that agents of Zugzul had cleaned the place out, killed Veil and stolen The Son of the Moon! Farin, the elf, had escaped and hid in the hag’s cave. He explained hat the zugzul cultists’ brands let out flares of wild magic. He had a corpse of a fire pixie in his hand.

Through a speak with dead ritual, the heroes asked the pixie some questions. She explained that there was a second entrance to Koorzun Hall, and that the cult had used it! They’d freed Maegara, and then gone through the portal to the Elemental Chaos! She also mentioned something about Maegara being at The Mote Swarm, the collection of floating isles where the archon forge was.

The adventurers vowed revenge, but for now they decided to help Farin get to his home. They thought that perhaps Farin’s elf allies might help them.

They used the scroll and traveled to the Eberron Circle, using the sigil sequence they’ found in Maegara’s lair. They appeared in a small room full of vials of dreamlily – a type of dreamy drug. This was the home of a dragonborn who was involved with the selling of drugs.

The door to the room led to a small home, where a dragonborn with a dragonmark had a band of warforged. He was shocked that the heroes had seemingly come from nowhere, and assumed they were from some rival organization. The adventurers killed them. During the battle, both Cruen and Blitzkrieg’s hearts pounded fiercely. Cruen seized up, and transformed! He grew in size and transformed into a 10 foot tall blue slaad!

As the battle wound down, Titan loaded dreamlily into his alchemical launcher and shot Slaad-Cruen with it, sedating him. Cruen was overcome with peaceful feelings for the next 8 hours. He changed back into his normal form. Blitzkrieg realized he’d likely suffer a similar fate soon enough.

The adventurers were concerned about this occurance, and wondered if it needed “curing”. But they were in Sharn, and needed to get Farin home…

22. Shae Mordai


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