22. Shae Mordai

After killing the dragonborn and his warforged allies, the heroes patched up their wounds and looked around the rooms. It was hot in Sharn. It made Ashar remember…member… member…

A year ago, Ashar lived in the Elemental Chaos, on an earthmote that rotated around one of the Pillar of Creation. The Pillar was made of magma. Genasis of the main elements all lived on the earthmote. Ashar lived there with her parents, and her sister, Incandesca.

A battle-damaged demonic chaos ship came to the mote seeking a safe place for repairs. The legendary chaos ships had been built to be used in the blood war, but the demons used them mostly to fight each other.

The genasis agreed to let the demons do their repairs, on the condition that they did not leave their ship.

Candesca wanted to get a better look at the ship. Ashar followed her, hoping to keep her sister from doing something stupid. Candesca climbed up 10 feet of a large rocky crag. Through a spyglass, she watched the demons on board the ship bully and fight each other.

Suddenly, a natural flare shot out from the pillar and stuck the crag Candesca was perched on. Ashar watched as the ledge he sister was on collapsed! Candesca fell and was buried by rubble. A strange fire genasi ran over and helped Ashar free her sister.

Then there was a second collapse. This time, rubble fell on the genasi. He was knocked unconscious. He changed to his true form – he was one of the demons! Candesca wanted to take him home to heal him. Ashar wanted to get him back to his ship.

An argument broke out. The demon woke. He offered to take Candesca on board the ship. Candesca had taken an immediate liking to the demon, and agreed.

Ashar was unable to stop them. She told her parents, who rallied the community. The demons decided to fly away rather than battle the genasi while wounded. Candesca was onboard, and was not seen again.

Ashar’s parents asked her to find Candesca. They had a friend – a wizard in the mortal city of Blackmoor. Ashar was sent there, to learn magic from the wizard so she could one find her sister, if she was even still alive…

As Ashar had her origin story flashback, the fire from her body grew hotter and burning taller. The heroes asked her to tone it down, snapping her out of it.

They searched the apartment. They found a journal, an issue of the Sharn Inquisitive, and talked to a drugged out priestess of the Silver Flame who was in a stupor on the couch while the battle went on. The priestess was interested in getting some of the dreamlily that Titan had put in his bag. After answering some questions about the city they were in – Sharn – they gave her some.

The heroes headed to House Orien, one of the dragonmarked houses that specialized in transportation. They paid them to send the heroes to Shae Mordai through a teleportation circle. The heroes were finally able to return Farin to his home…

There, the heroes met with The Cairdal Blades, the elite fighters who’d been sent to Raazorforge on their ill-fated mission. They ate dinner with one of the Ascendant Councilors (an undead elf fused with positive energy), to discuss their reward. The heroes requested an airship. The Councilor said he’d try to make that happen.

There was another guest at the table. He was a devil called Vaurod. He was in Shae Mordai trying to convince the elves to join the devils in the blood war (the eternal war against the demons). Vaurod wanted to attack Raazorforge with a combined force, to establish a devil base on the demon’s uppermost plane of Pazunia.

The whole issue began when a demon ally of the ruler of Raazorforge had come to Shae Mordai to try to corrupt The Sibling Kings, the rulers of Shae Mordai. The demon was ferreted out. The elves were furious, and sent the Cairdal Blades to Raazorforge to kill the demons to teach them a lesson, but the Blades were defeated. Farin was one of the Blades who had been captured, and was slated to be eaten when the heroes found and rescued him.

The adventurers were not happy with the idea of teaming up with devils, and neither was one of the Cairdal Blades named Drusilla. The heroes and the elves rejected the offer. Vaurod tried to push the idea that the elves could get revenge, but saw that nobody was interested. Annoyed, he left the dinner table..

The heroes were given a room to sleep in. Vaurod had his revenge. Through the power of one of the Dark Eight (the pit fiend generals of the devil army), the floor of the heroes’ room disappeared and became a portal to the first layer of hell! The adventurers awoke and found themselves plummeting 3,000 feet toward the ash desert of Avernus.

Pain Devils appeared in a puff of brimstone, falling alongside the heroes. One devil told them that Vaurod was not happy with them ruining his attempt to recruit the elves into the Blood War.

A freefall battle broke out. During the fight, Blitzkrieg’s heart began to pound. Like Kruyn had in Sharn, Blitzkrieg transformed into a slaad! But Kruyn was blue. Blitzkrieg was red!

The heroes had killed most of the devils before landing in a vast lake of liquid iron. As they emerged, gasping and wounded, they realized they were stranded on the first layer of hell…



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